E6000 Spray Adhesive

$ 9

Recommended for use on the Apolla Shocks with Traction 

The E6000 company has created a non-toxic spray adhesive that is the favorite refresher of traction for all of the Apolla Shocks. Apolla Shocks unique traction has eliminated the bulk and seams underfoot. It starts out sticky then you wear it down to your preferred level of grip. Then you keep it there by using a traction refresher. Some will refresh right away, some may never refresh...it is completely personalized to your need and floors. It's a pump spray and when you apply 5-10 pumps to your traction, it dries instantly, and does not damage floors. It helps to "re-stick" the grip over and over for the life of the Shocks. Some dancers start refreshing in the first class, some never refresh, some refresh when needed. It is important you have a bottle in your dance bag or at your studio to use as needed...one bottle lasts a long time! Your traction will wear down to nothing if you don't use a refresher, so make sure to order a bottle with your traction Shocks today! 

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