Capezio Hanami canvas ballet shoe- Adult pink

$ 29.50

Only 1 piece in stock!

Capezio's best-selling canvas ballet shoe! This slip-on ballet shoe features high-quality canvas material with stretch construction and a barely-there feel. The "Hanami" design eliminates bulk in the arch, provides ultimate protection for the metatarsal, and creates the flattest platform to pivot on. Its patented technology also offers a seamless diamond gusset in the arch of the shoe, no center stitched line to interfere with pointing and flexing, and its no-drawstring design avoids any adjustment fuss during studio time.

Suggested Sizing: Ladies go 1-2 sizes up from their normal street shoe size. (Most of our customers go 1 1/2 sizes up.)

Sizing suggestions are guidelines, not a guarantee. You may need or prefer a different fit.

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