Apolla Joule Shock

$ 32

For barefoot dancers or to be worn over pointe shoes, in ballet shoes or ANY shoe while keeping dress code and protecting your body. This versatile Shock is so much more than a brace from your local pharmacy, you will love all the ways you can wear it while dancing longer and stronger!

Wear under or over tights, with your ballet or pointe shoes, or over ballet or pointe shoes, for quick removal after warm-up. Wear inside character or tap shoes, when you want support, but with the toes free. Pair a black Joule with the K-Warmer for a stirrup tights look. Pair one of the nude Joules with the K-Warmer, for a footless tights look. Many of our customers also wear a Joule Shock with their Ballroom or Latin shoes, during lessons and practice, for extra ankle support!

Available in Black, Nude 1, Nude 2, Nude 3, Pink

See size chart, below, for guidance.

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