Apolla AMP Shock- Non Traction

$ 34

*We have been carrying the awesome Apolla Shocks for a few years now. They've recently had a huge surge of interest after appearing on Shark Tank! (Maybe you saw the episode.) As a result, many of their items are on back-order, possibly for a few months. We can still take orders here, if you wish. Any items we have in-stock will ship within 2 business days. (Or can be picked up.) Items not showing in our stock could take about 3 months. (They are hoping to be able to shorten the time.) By placing your order here, even if we don't currently have the item, means that you will have a place in line to get the item as soon as we have it in stock! 

AMP- Non Traction

Beyond a no-show sock, the AMP gives you arch support like nothing you have tried before. The low profile, NON-traction version is great in your everyday shoes, in tap shoes, running shoes and more. Non-traction is also used when dancing without shoes, on carpeted floors, like at dance conventions.

Available in Black, White, Nude One, Nude Two

For dancing or working out without shoes on smooth floors, use the AMP with traction.

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