Paoul 190_80/3 Dawn Light Cloth

$ 209

A beautiful sandal for Latin/Rhythm dances- looks gorgeous on the competition floor! Style 190- Guapacha has narrower straps of the upper (compared to model 170) to allow for greater flexibility, desired by advanced and professional dancers. The padded insole helps to absorb impact and offers a comfortable fitting to the foot. Already popular in tan satin, leather variations are increasingly being used by professional competitors. Shown with the 80 mm (3.15") slim heel. Can be ordered with slim heels of 60, 70 , 80, or 90 mm. Leather lining. Squared point.

Made in Italy

If your size is not currently showing as available, you can still order by contacting us. We'll be able to offer an online "out-of-stock" ordering option soon.

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