Apolla K-Warmer Shock- Black or Pink

$ 21 $ 42

  • The beloved legwarmer is back, now with function never imagined for dancers. Consistent Kinesio compression throughout gives muscles and joints support without restricting movement
  • They stay in place! No more annoying legwarmers that roll and slip down
  • Sleek design shows off every aspect of a beautiful leg line
  • Engineered with moisture-wicking yarns to keep your legs warm but not sweaty
  • Antimicrobial (they don’t stink)
  • Can be worn with tights or to replace leggings
  • Give your knees, calves, and thighs a snug hug of support
  • Can be paired with your favorite Apolla Shock for maximum support
  • Perfect for class and recovery for jazz, tap, zumba or any other dance activity you can think of!

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